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Article: Common ideas about healing piercings

Common ideas about healing piercings

The 90s called and they want their crappy piercing treatments back!

We very (too) often provide after-sales service from unscrupulous, stingy and above all not talented piercers. It doesn't matter, it's the game, my poor lollipop!

But we are going to address one or two important points anyway, because some of the advice given is really lame and dangerous.



That's it, it's done <3

Your jewelry will not “stick” to your skin. Well, we're going to do a little survey: have you ever heard of a piece of jewelry that got stuck to the skin? And I'm not talking about the great aunt Micheline who happened in 70, no I mean here now.

Afterwards, if you are looking for crap by ordering low-end jewelry on Aliexpress, there is nothing we can do for you ;)

Rotating the jewelry removes the small scabs that may form while your piercing heals.

  • But Jamy said, why is this a crappy idea?

  • Well it's very simple Fred: the more you remove the scabs the more you make the skin underneath raw, which leads to new scabs and so on.

  • Oh my, that's crazy Jamy, does that mean it's like when you scratch an old scab on your knee and it never heals?

  • Well yes Fred, that’s completely stupid.

The more you handle your jewelry, the more it slows down healing. Even with washed hands, do not fiddle with your piercings! And with dirty hands let's not even talk about it.

A final word on this famous surgical steel: it's crap. There it is said.

Talking about surgical steel is like talking to you about a car. We roughly see what it is but the components vary from one car to another, some components are good and some components are dangerous.

Well, it’s the same for your surgical steel: the composition varies according to each supplier. But even good quality surgical steel is not made to be implanted in the body, unlike our titanium which is standardized for that and which is guaranteed for 50 years.

So you do what you want, it's your body after all, but when you buy a piece of jewelry for 5 euros you know it's crap (especially since there's a good chance that a piercer unscrupulous I bought it for less than one euro in the first place), the same if you buy a “gold” piece of jewelry for 10 euros, don’t be fooled.

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