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Kawaii Place piercing


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Kawaii square piercing

Kawaii Square Piercing

Welcome to kawaii place piercing

The only specialist in high quality jewelry in the north of France, our store is based in Lille.

We are partners with brands from all over the world (BVLA, Sacred symbols, Auris...) which offer a wide selection of jewelry created for piercing. We only work with astm f136 titanium and solid gold (14 or 18 carats) at the time of the piercing or when changing jewelry.

We carry out piercings by appointment only.

Free installation

If you cannot put your jewelry on, we can do it in our store

Free delivery from 50 euros of purchase

in France and 150 euros internationally

Your satisfaction is our priority

do not hesitate to contact us

Collection or delivery

Click and collect or home delivery

Lulu's advice

Les soins de piercings
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Les soins de piercings

Comment faire cicatriser son piercing frais? Que faire en cas de problème? Les réponses dans cet article.

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Quelques infos sur le piercing Smiley
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Some information on the Smiley piercing

The Smiley is a piercing made on the labial frenulum which is located in the center under your upper gum: It's a thin membrane, so you have to be careful with the weight of the j...

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Tu galères avec la cicatrisation de ton piercing ?
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Are you struggling with the healing of your piercing?

If you're having trouble healing your Helix, the reason may be below! First of all, you should know that a cartilage piercing can take up to a year to heal, that's normal, your body works at i...

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A question ?

Contact us for any questions regarding jewelry... or other :) We will answer them as soon as possible.