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Article: An anti-migraine piercing: The Daith

An anti-migraine piercing: The Daith

Let's start at the beginning: What is a daith?

It is a piercing made on a particular part of the cartilage of the ear, in the image it looks like this (see image below).

What is the relationship between migraine and daith?

A persistent rumor surrounds this piercing: it calms/removes migraines because it is placed on a specific acupuncture point. Spoiler alert: we use the conditional because to date nothing has been proven and no serious study carried out, we will therefore remain cautious. We're just going to superficially explore a few points together, the idea is to discuss the subject.

You're starting to know the song: at kawaii place we like to explain the why and the how! Hold on to your Jacqueline underwear, because we're off to a great start!

The daith piercing is located on the acupuncture points corresponding to the digestive system: small and large intestines as well as the duodenum. This location is not at all linked to the area of ​​the skull or brain and therefore has no “direct” connection with migraines.

But migraines are not necessarily linked to this area, they can however be linked to...the digestive system! Is it okay, are you still following?

If you ever want to visualize, you can find numerous ear maps on the internet according to the principles of acupuncture.

Please note, a piercing is in no way comparable to a specific needle temporarily applied to an acupuncture point by a professional. And just because daith doesn't relieve chronic migraines doesn't mean acupuncture will be ineffective.

If you are being seriously followed by a doctor for your migraines, it doesn't cost anything (well, it does, it's 30 euros at the shop hehe) to try this piercing but you shouldn't believe that it will be the miracle solution.

It may simply be a placebo effect, but if it is beneficial there is no problem. Conversely there is the nocebo effect, a negative placebo, for example an arch piercing which “causes” migraines or a navel piercing which “causes” intestinal pain. Lots of quotation marks as you will have noticed: let's be careful!

We almost forget the “main” interest of this piercing: It is very aesthetic and the location allows you to have really very nice and original jewelry like in the photo. This is not a piercing that can be done on everyone, go see your piercer to see if your ears are suitable for it or not.

If it doesn't work for you, you will still have a nice piercing: you have to look at things on the positive side!

If you are interested we can discuss this subject through comments but be careful: no insults, we respect our neighbors and their beliefs, we do not make our own case a global generality and ABOVE ALL: we really do not make our own case a global generality. There you go <3

I would like to point out that we are absolutely not doctors, acupuncturists or specialists in Chinese medicine and it is for these reasons that we are completely open to dialogue. We share with you the fruit of our curiosity but in no case do we claim to know the ultimate truth.

Ps: A nice urban legend: Pirates had their lobes pierced because the acupuncture point linked to it is the eye/sight and therefore better vision at sea!

Ps²: If you want to read testimonials (in English) you can take a look here: -anecdotal-study-of-its-kind

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