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Article: For the ban on the “piercing gun”

For the ban on the “piercing gun”

Today we are going to discuss gun piercing. We write piercing to make it clearer but “butchery” would have suited too.

But first things first, what is a gun?

It's an instrument that is used in bad jewelry stores (We won't mention the name of the chains here, but it's itchy) to do bad piercings. The gun is often made of plastic, which makes it incompatible with autoclaving (the machine that sterilizes). So an instrument that is not at all sterile, often disinfected quickly and quickly with alcohol (alcohol does not destroy HIV or hepatitis) between two clients. It is very rare, but there are cases of cross contamination between several customers with this type of material.

This is just the beginning of the trouble! Because the gun does not “pierce” the ear, it tears it by forcing the jewelry through the skin.

This can result in quite significant healing problems, or even an intolerance of the body to certain materials for many years. Because in addition to tearing your ear off with something not sterile, the jewelry placed is ALWAYS of extremely crappy quality: bad steel not even good for a kitchen counter or even “gold plated”. This tackle gets stuck pretty quickly and underneath it's poop. No matter how much you wrap a piece of shit with pretty wrapping paper, it doesn't change the content. Often it is a piece of jewelry with a butterfly type clasp that is placed, just to compress the ear: we far too often remove these famous butterfly clasps which become one with the ear because of the pressure.

Oh and there is also the fact that this demon instrument does not allow for maximum precision, so hello asymmetrical lobe piercings.

The results can be dramatic on the lobes which are nevertheless known to be relatively painless and easy to heal, but this is where we hit rock bottom: some chains also use the gun for helix and nose piercings. And it's frankly dramatic because the gun explodes the cartilage in the process, the damage can be quite serious and can lead to hospitalization.

A little point on the highway in passing: it's not because you got pierced with a gun and you weren't hospitalized that you should trivialize this practice and say that everything is fine. I often play football on the highway and have never been knocked down, that doesn't mean I'm proclaiming from the rooftops that it's safe based on my little personal experience. If we're talking to you about it, it's as professionals who are unfortunately used to catching up on the bullshit from this kind of shitty channel.

A very brief point of consent because it is important: at the shop we only agree to pierce the lobes on minors over 6 years old, with a first prior visit to the shop to be able to explain what will happen at the child and to reassure and involve him. Piercing an infant is torture without consent. It may seem a bit harsh, but can you imagine tattooing a 3 year old? No ? So it should be the same for a piercing or any other body modification. Not to mention the fact that infants' ears clearly haven't finished growing, and the location of the piercing will inevitably move. If you don't see a problem with butchering a baby in disgusting hygienic conditions and several of them immobilizing his head while he panics, resists and cries... well move on!

The employees who do the piercings have no training, did I forget to mention that?

Anyway, let's get to the point: avoid this kind of crappy channel at all costs! It is more than surprising that the regional health agency has not yet put a stop to this type of practice. As a shop, we are required to follow more than strict hygiene. This type of store absolutely does not respect any of them.

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