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Article: Our jewelry brands

Our jewelry brands

- LeRoi Fine Body Jewelry to be presented: founded in 1995, it is one of our oldest partners! It's a brand that comes to us from New York, like many other high-end jewelry designers. Specializing in gold and titanium that is implantable and compatible with the body, they are very attentive to feedback from piercers, which makes them one of the most cutting-edge brands in this field. You can find the Haute Couture collection at the shop 🙂 

- NeoMetal Very good entry level in high quality piercing, NéoMetal has specialized in titanium since 1997. All their jewelry is guaranteed for life against any potential breakage or manufacturing defect. They also come to us from the United States and are at the origin of the threadless screw system that we offer in the shop 🙂 This is jewelry that is completely compatible with the human body, so there is no risk of allergy! The stones and opals are manufactured in a laboratory in Austria but are of superior quality and assembled by hand.

- BVLA aka Body Vision Los Angeles, pronounced “bévlah” as good northerners that we are, we come from Los Angeles as its name suggests. They have been known throughout the world since 1996 for their precious and semi-precious stones (more than 230 different types of stones) and their know-how (jewelry made and polished by hand). The metals used in their jewelry are recycled to create a lower environmental impact, and their diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Their slogan? “If the laws of gravity govern it – we can do it!! »

Creators of handmade jewelry for over 10 years, Naga Body Jewelry claims travel as its primary influence. They visit tribes for whom body modification is part of the lifestyle and culture, and draw inspiration from that culture to create high-quality jewelry. They specialize in natural gold, nickel-free silver, hardwood, and precious and semi-precious stones.

- Sacred symbol comes to us from Mexico and is a fairly recent brand in the world of high quality jewelry! They offer a pretty impressive range of yellow and white gold jewelry, with real stones only. You are quite fond of their jewelry in the shop, which is why we receive orders and new items from them very regularly!

- Auris has been coming to us from Russia since 2014! Being limited in creation due to the rigidity of titanium, they turned to gold which is much more flexible and easier to work with. Passionate basic jewelers, they have launched into high-end piercing jewelry with great success!

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