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Article: How is the price of a tattoo explained?

How is the price of a tattoo explained?

Obviously this will depend on the size of the tattoo, the pattern itself and its location... but not only that!

Before getting a tattoo, you know that there is a first step: making an appointment.

The artist and/or his assistant takes the time to manage emails, inform clients, make estimates, answer the phone, organize the agenda...etc. It's a lot of work in addition to the tattoo/drawing for the artist, and if an assistant takes care of it, their remuneration must be taken into account in the price of the tattoo. We tend to greatly underestimate this part of the work because it is invisible but believe us, it's hard work!

A very small “speed” point in passing: following up with us every three hours will never help you get a faster response. Neither does demanding a response on a Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. This is a bit hard for some people to grasp, and it gets more and more so as time goes by, but you are not your tattoo artist's only client :) A little patience and kindness goes a long way. will hurt anyone and you know what? The aggressive people are always the ones who responded last ^^

Another point to take into account in the price of a tattoo: the material. A good quality tattoo machine costs at least several hundred euros. Depending on the tattoo artist's work, several machines will be required, or in any case they will need to be changed regularly depending on use. The price of gloves has increased fivefold in the space of two years, the same for many other of our raw materials. The price of inks is also increasing, and the new regulations to come will not help at this level. Stencil paper has also increased enormously, when we do not have to face a shortage during certain periods. It will also be necessary to take into account the “large” equipment, tattoo tables, stools, thermocopier, lamps, etc.

Let's be clear: This is absolutely not a question of saying "yes or yesss" but simply of explaining to you all the ins and outs that are hidden behind the price of a tattoo :)

You also have to take into account the hours of drawing/research that most projects require. And once again it may seem “quick” but a tattoo artist does not have just one client or one drawing to prepare.

And the most important thing for the end: the experience!

Between an apprentice who is just starting out and an experienced tattoo artist who has been working for 10 years, it is absolutely logical that there is a difference in price. This is a very important point which is all too often invisible to customers.

So if you want a “cheap” tattoo you will have to pay little attention to the quality of the material used, the experience and the level of the tattooist. But there's no point in saying yes or no about the result ^^

On the other hand, if you respect your tattoo artist and his experience, if you take into account the time he spends managing his appointments, drawing, managing his social networks, investing in safe and quality equipment: then you will be Welcome to all shops!

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