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Article: Our tattoo artists


Our tattoo artists

Several talented artists work at the shop, in very varied and different styles!

We present them to you right here:

Kimi Duck

Little mischievous bird that will find its place in your ribcage, preferably with big needles!

Kimi specializes in fine line and floral as well as Japanese. But don't be fooled by the finesse of her work, she has a strong character that would make Grandma Yeta blush!

Contact and make an appointment via
His Instagram page
His Facebook page
His TikTok

LeSeb Bing

Dashing thirty-year-old Seb invites you to sink your teeth into ink in his pleasant and mysterious company!

He has as many strings to his bow as different pairs of Air Jordans, he will be able to make you full black, neo-traditional or colored mandalas.

Contact and make an appointment via:
On TikTok

Manu Ego

Young man who is good in all respects, wants to meet weapons enthusiasts of all kinds for an explosive encounter. It will bleed !

Manu, behind his innocent appearance as a Nickelback fan, hides a great passion for everything that goes "pew pew". If you also like big guns, he is your man!

Contact and make an appointment via its Instagram page
On TikTok

Mylène obscurae

Young girl from Belgium, don't be fooled by her bawdy songs and her pretty little face: she's just as bad as the others!

Mylène is the specialist in angelic faces who is trying to stab you! It combines blackwork and finesse to adorn you with its pretty pieces (preferably large).

Contact and make an appointment via Facebook or via


Imagine that Beelzebub reproduced with Bambi's mother... If you don't have the image, we do and his little name is Belzebiche !

Describing your world will be a little harder than making lame jokes about your name: Flashy colors, pop culture galore, distant galaxies and a pinch of sparkle in your eyes!

Contact and make an appointment via

On Instagram

Vlad Morgan

Vlad Morgan is our realism expert at the shop. With his 12 years of experience, he will know how to transform and enhance your ideas!

 Contact and make an appointment via

On Instagram

Amazing Gérard

The latest addition to the team, Gérard brings us the traditional touch that we were missing :)

Contact and make an appointment On Instagram

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