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Anneau Or 14 carats
*14 carat gold ring Sale price€80,00 EUR
Sold outNaga - Clicker NG06 - Or jaune
*Naga - Clicker NG06 - Yellow gold Sale price€423,00 EUR
BVLA - Lilac - Diamants blancs
*BVLA - Lilac - White diamonds Sale price€800,00 EUR
BVLA - Kem Kolo - Chrysoprases et Diamants blancs
BVLA - Violet - Emeraudes
*BVLA - Violet - Emeralds Sale price€1.050,00 EUR
BVLA - Tiffany - Améthystes sablées
*BVLA - Tiffany - Sandblasted amethysts Sale price€1.000,00 EUR
BVLA - Cascada - Topazes bleues sablées
BVLA - Santa Rosa - Tanzanite et Or blanc
Sold outNaga - Clicker NG07 - Or jaune
*Naga - Clicker NG07 - Yellow gold Sale price€430,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG05 - Or blanc
*Naga - Clicker NG05 - White gold Sale price€380,00 EUR
Naga -Clicker NG05 - Or jaune
*Naga -Clicker NG05 - Yellow gold Sale price€480,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG04 - Or blanc
*Naga - Clicker NG04 - White gold Sale price€468,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG04 - Or rose
*Naga - Clicker NG04 - Rose gold Sale price€468,00 EUR
Naga -Clicker NG04 - Or jaune
*Naga -Clicker NG04 - Yellow gold Sale price€468,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG03 - Or blanc
*Naga - Clicker NG03 - White gold Sale price€370,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG03 - Or rose
*Naga - Clicker NG03 - Rose gold Sale price€370,00 EUR
Sold outNaga - Clicker NG02 - Or jaune
*Naga - Clicker NG02 - Yellow gold Sale price€370,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG01 - Or blanc
*Naga - Clicker NG01 - White gold Sale price€280,00 EUR
Naga - Clicker NG01 - Or jaune
*Naga - Clicker NG01 - Yellow gold Sale price€280,00 EUR
Buddha Jewelry - Rise Shine Pearl - Perles d'eau douce
Buddha Jewelry - Hypnotic Clicker - Zircons Blancs

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