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Tu galères avec la cicatrisation de ton piercing ?
Actualités du shop & conseils

Are you struggling with the healing of your piercing?

If you're having trouble healing your Helix, the reason may be below! First of all, you should know that a cartilage piercing can take up to a year to heal, that's normal, your body works at i...

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Pour l'interdiction du "pistolet à piercing"
Actualités du shop & conseils

For the ban on the “piercing gun”

Today we are going to discuss gun piercing. We write piercing to make it clearer but “butchery” would have suited too. But first things first, what is a gun? It's an instrument that is...

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Quelques petits conseils pour préparer votre premier tatouage !

Some little tips for preparing your first tattoo!

We are often asked if there are things to do to prepare for your first tattoo, besides “psychological preparation” here are some little tips: We can't repeat it enough: no alcohol in the 4...

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