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Comment s'explique le prix d'un tatouage ?
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How is the price of a tattoo explained?

Obviously this will depend on the size of the tattoo, the pattern itself and its location... but not only that! Before getting a tattoo, you know that there is a first step: making an a...

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Quelques petits conseils pour préparer votre premier tatouage !

Some little tips for preparing your first tattoo!

We are often asked if there are things to do to prepare for your first tattoo, besides “psychological preparation” here are some little tips: We can't repeat it enough: no alcohol in the 4...

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Tatouage sur les lèvres : une bonne idée ?
Actualités du shop & conseils

Lip tattoo: a good idea?

We always have a lot of requests for this type of tattoo so we would like to repost our publication   Some time ago, YouTuber Lena Situations got a tattoo on the inside of her lip. Fashion effe...

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