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Article: Some information on the Smiley piercing

Some information on the Smiley piercing

The Smiley is a piercing made on the labial frenulum which is located in the center under your upper gum:
Piercing Smiley Stock Photo - Download Image Now
It's a thin membrane, so you have to be careful with the weight of the jewelry you put on it, it doesn't seem like much in your hand but in the medium/long term a piece of jewelry that is too heavy can cause the frenulum to tear.
Don't panic, it's not very serious but once torn, you can no longer do a piercing on it!
We all have different body shapes, some people cannot get a smiley face piercing if the frenulum is too short or poorly positioned! The easiest way is to go to the shop to check before making an appointment.
This is a very discreet piercing, which is only supposed to be visible when you smile (hence the name, Sherlock) but like any oral piercing:
Watch out for your teeth!
The choice of jewelry is really essential so that the piercing holds well and so that there is no impact on your teeth or gums :)
Contrary to popular belief, it is a very painless piercing with easy and simple healing.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to stop by the shop or contact us via

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