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Article: Lip tattoo: a good idea?

Lip tattoo: a good idea?

We always have a lot of requests for this type of tattoo so we would like to repost our publication 😉 

Some time ago, YouTuber Lena Situations got a tattoo on the inside of her lip. Fashion effect or discovery of this location, this led to a big demand for tattoos on the inside of the lips at the shop!

A good opportunity to tell you a little about this location 🙂 It is indeed difficult to make it more discreet than this tattoo but we will have to add a small downside.

At the shop we accept tattooing this location, provided you choose a very simple and not very detailed design, and avoid words of more than 4/5 letters. It's the same for any location and we can't say it enough: details = big size, small size = simplicity!

It will also be necessary to avoid too many mouthwashes, rounds of shooters the same evening as well as nicotine. Consider your new tattoo as a wound: you don't scratch your tattoo, you don't roll it in the mud, you don't fiddle with it with your dirty hands to show it to your friends.

Another more important downside: aging!

As with the fingers, you should not expect perfect results in the next 50 years. If you are ready to accept that a tattoo moves and evolves over time then no worries, go for it! But you should be aware that a tattoo inside the lips does not hold very well, it is a mucous membrane and not skin so the result will be much less clear from the start, you should expect that.

This remains a very nice location in terms of discretion, but we will forget the photo-realistic portrait of grandma 😉

If you have weighed the pros and cons and are ready to get started, we are waiting for you at the shop!

The tattoo below was created by our tattoo artist Belzebiche who you can find on Instagram right here:

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